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Sus Memes Building Blocks Black Dog Building Blocks

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Sus Memes Building Blocks would be a great carrier for preserving sweet memories. It is the perfect gift for anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, wedding, graduation, Christmas, etc. It can be customized with one photo on one side, two styles are available. Print out your precious keepsakes, display them on a free-standing display block, then dismantle and re-assemble for a fun interaction with the personalized print.

Material: PVC


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Where are Sus Memes from?

Pretty sus is short for pretty suspicious, colloquially used to accuse someone of some very shady or sketchy behavior. The specific phrase pretty sus spread as a meme in 2020 thanks to the popularity of the video game Among Us. Example: I gotta say, that guy over there is being pretty sus.

What Sus Memes merchandise do you have available?

We have a range of Sus Memes products available, including the following options.

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